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Hearing impairment or hearing loss is commonly known as deafness; but it is not so. There are many levels of hearing impairment and each with its own challenges. At Hear Me Speak, the focus is not so much on the impairment as it is on self awareness, education and empowerment.

With Self-awareness, we plan a forum where parents of hearing impaired children can get together and make a difference to how they and the rest of the world interact with their child.

With Education we aim to rope in Subject Matter experts from the profession to guide and share knowledge about the developments in the area and discuss methods of treatments.

With Empowerment, we aim to empower parents of the hearing impaired to become Independent Case Managers of their own child. No battle can be won without information; and dealing with the difficulties of bringing up a hearing impaired child and making him/her independent is no different from a full-fledged battle.

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AVTAR (Auditory-Verbal Trainer and Resources). Also visit


Hearing impairment affects not just the child who has it, but the parents or caregivers too.

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HearMeSpeak was Founded by Ritu Nakra.